About Us


We want to help you save money. That means being an efficient operation.





EAS believes in operations that conform to all current FAA regulations and local laws. Our goal in this emerging field is to set the bar for safety.

Problem Solvers

As a company that has deep roots in  engineering it is our nature to look at an issue in many different ways with the end goal of solving it and saving you money.





We want to break free of the boundaries that seem to limit most companies to a single region. EAS is able, and willing to travel to help you meet your goals.

Our Story

At Eagle-Eye Aerial Solutions, LLC we value the idea that a handshake is more than just a simple greeting. For us a handshake is a commitment to get the job done right. Our goal as a company is to provide you with a quick, efficient, and quality service that aims to exceed your expectations.

Newly established in 2016, by Samuel Adams and Evan Childs, Eagle-Eye Aerial Solutions is a small business located in the heart beautiful Whatcom County, Washington providing aerial solutions for a wide range of needs. EAS saw a need to provide aerial services with a focus on logical problem solving and creative thinking but not be bound to a local area. Instead, our goal is to provide a service that can be mobile and efficient even when we are far from home. As we move forward EAS continues to strive for efficient, quality solutions and we take great pride in the relationships with our clientele.

All Eagle-Eye Aerial Solutions, LLC flight operations are fully licensed under CFR Title 14 Part 107 and adhere to strict company and international standards for safety and flight standards.