3 Bar Wind Turbine

Day 1

EAS was allowed the opportunity to showcase our ability to provide inspection support of a community wind turbine owned, operated, and maintained by Cascade Community Wind.

We arrived at the site with the focus of providing quality visual inspection of the turbine with a focus on potential areas of damage to the turbine blades. Arriving on a Saturday morning our team was forced to hold all flights due to winds in excess of 30 mph in the morning until approximately 10 minutes before sunset. Just before sunset our team was able to initiate a flight to obtain marketing photos for CCW. Winds were sustained from 15 to 25mph. Total flight time: 15 minutes

Day 2

After reviewing wind analysis devices atop the turbine itself and upcoming local forecasts we determined that a window for flight would be available the following morning between 8 and 12. Wind speeds were forecasted to be in the 10 to 15 mph range. We arrived early to assess site conditions and prepare for the inspection phase of our operations. Rotational autonomous flight was initiated 20 meters above the wind turbine with a radius out of 35 meters. Elevation and radius distance was adjusted in a descending pattern as each full circuit was completed. This allowed us to obtain photographic data of the wind turbines while monitoring camera parameters instead of monitoring UAS flight controls.

One of the specific requests from CCW was the visual inspection of a hatch approximately 1/3 of the way up the turbines base. We were able to move within 3 meters of the turbine (with winds of 15 mph) and visually verify the integrity of the hatch. Total Flight time: 45 minutes

Number Of Turbines

Average Wind Speed

Number of Images

Safety Incidents


Even with the delay from excess wind speeds our team was able to provide visual inspection of the wind turbine to CCW in under a week with hundreds of photos for comparison to future inspections. Our operation prevented the need for a skilled individual to put themselves into a potentially dangerous situation by repelling down the turbine and individually inspect each blade and hatch. The flexibility and mobility of our operators meant we were able to initiate communications with CCW, arrive on site to perform our inspection, and provide our acquired data to CCW in under a week.

Thank You Cascade Community Wind

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