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Photography & Video

EAS shoots in 4k video, and with a top speed of almost 50 MPH our drones can keep up with just about anything you might have. Whether you need help to sell a property, or a video of your last Baja racing event our team of operators can get the shots that will last!


Using the latest technologies in photogrammetry and 3D modeling our team has the capability to model your site! We can create computer walkthroughs of your 3D model that will help impress at your next meeting.


With our UAS’s EAS teams can provide visual access to locations without the need to endanger you or your crews. Landslides, flood events, wind turbines, or high voltage lines our services help you evaluate the situation in real time.

Coming Soon

In order to increase our ability to help clients meet their needs we have decided to start providing thermal imaging as well as LiDAR Scanning in conjunction with our other services. We will have more information available soon.

Think You Have A Need For Aerial Services?

Drones are becoming increasingly common in a large range of commercial fields with new areas of need becoming apparent every day. Here at EAS our services are not limited to those listed above. We pride ourselves on being flexible and creative problem solvers with the drive to meet your needs.

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