Who We Are

Eagle-Eye Aerial Solutions, LLC was established in 2016 after observing an industry that was growing rapidly but not always in a direction that promoted the values that were already present in the aviation community. We strive to work with the existing aerial community to provide an effective and safe service.

Our dedicated crew offers a variety of services with primary focus on critical infrastructure, power and telecommunication assets, and the oil/ gas industries. With this in mind EAS primarily employs individuals with experience or backgrounds in engineering, telecommunications, and construction that have the ability to look at a scenario with an experienced perspective. Our goal as a company is to provide our clients with a service that is both mobile and efficient and yet, maintains a high level of quality and safety.

Infrastructure Inspection

Inspection for areas and infrastructure that are hard to reach, dangerous to personnel, or too time consuming to be considered cost effective is our primary focus as a company. We strive to cut project timelines and costs over traditional methods while maintaining a level of quality that is above and beyond what is expected. We use a variety of platforms to perform inspections and are capable of expanding our current airframes and payloads to include thermal, lidar and many other sensors at our clients request.


As a group with extensive backgrounds in engineering, construction, and telecommunications we have the ability to draft projects in both 2D and 3D with a variety of CADD programs.

Photography & Video

While we tend to focus on the more utilitarian aspects of the SUAS industry we still enjoy working closely with our clients to provide still images and video footage that can be used for marketing, promotions, and branding. Many times we have found that our inspection photos make for excellent marketing materials for our clients.


We provide consulting services that range from pilot lending and SUAS program creation to site review and design. We employ a number of remote pilots, designers, and linemen who all collaborate with partnering firms in engineering and construction to provide a turnkey solution for all of our clients.

How We Work


Providing a cost effective solution while maintaining an emphasis on quality is one of the keystones to our philosophy here at Eagle-Eye.


Eagle-Eye firmly believes in offering a service that conforms to all current FAA regulations and local laws. We want our clients to trust that their project is in the best hands.


We want to break free of the boundaries that seem to limit most companies to a single region. Eagle-Eye is willing and able to travel in order to meet our clients needs.